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Project LECT Lagos

Today we had an awesome time with students at Heritage International School Ketu, Lagos. They were exposed to skills such as Empathy, Design thinking, Critical and creative thinking. They identified reasons they wanted to be leaders and wrote their visions on achieving leadership. We also had an explosive session on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Character Training with teachers pitching in with their questions and opinions, showing that we were not only able to reach the students but teachers as well. Our volunteers were beyond amazing. We couldn't have done this without them. All in all, it was worth it. #QualityEducation #Education4All #KLCI

By Kayfactor | 2019-05-06 | 01:27:00 am


Producing Citizens Capable of Replicating Democracy through Career and Leadership Education

Career education has the potential to enhance the roles and life chances of students and to improve educational outcomes for students in general, and particularly for those at risk of dropping out. At KLCI, one of our objectives is to reduce the rate of drop out in schools by helping students have a goal in mind. We help them discover their interests, aptitude and disposition. We help students to become engaged and productive citizens capable of replicating democracy. #KLCI #CareerEducation

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Project LECT 4.0

Partnership is key to ensuring sustainable development and doing more with less. We took a step forward in our mentorship program and we worked with Kehinde Oloriade Mentorship Academy to mentor students of the Baptist Academy, Obanikoro, Lagos. After the general sessions on Leadership and Career Development. We had a group mentoring session with the kids based on their area of interest and Strength. The groups were; ICT and Tech Health and Medicine Business and Entrepreneurship Creative and Engineering. Each group had at least a mentor to offer Guidance and Counselling. It was indeed a great one. We were able to promote collaboration between the students and help them have a goal in mind. We look forward to future partnership. Thank you Kehinde Oloriade Mentorship Academy (KOMA) for the opportunity.

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Project LECT 3.0

Today we were at Jobams International Schools, Ketu, Lagos State for our career symposium and mentorship program. Dr. Kehinde Oloriade talk to the students on Leadership. Gave them tips on goal settings and how they can go about implementing the goals. Mr Adedeji, currently a CYFI Fellow, shared with the students on how tech can be used to drive the Entrepreneurship world. The students were also educated on character development. They were educated on how they can build strong values to achieve their dreams. After the general session, we had a one one coaching and group mentoring session. We were amazed by the results we get from the students. At KLCI, we are geared towards understanding students needs and helping them to meet their career needs through Counselling. KLCI...liberating the leader in you!

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Project LECT 2.0

Reports on the 3 Fridays Career Symposia and Mentorship Program! - February 11, 2018 Many young people in the African Community find it difficult to discover purpose and forge trajectory for their lives. This geared us towards helping young people to have a goal in mind. Through one on one coaching, group mentoring and general sessions over 500 high school students were reached. We cut across all classes from J.S.S 1 - S.S.S 3. No of students; JSS 1 and 2 = 162 Age range: 8- 16 years JSS 3 and SSS 1= 203 Age Range: 12- 17 years SSS 2 and SSS 3= 137 Age Range: 13 - 19 years. Total no of students reached= 502 Age Range= 8 - 19 years We share talks on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Character Training. We involved about 8 Volunteers and we have different facilitators taking different sessions of the program. Monitoring and Evaluation is one of the core of our programs at KLCA. As promised, ...


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